One thing I hate about the Web.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 17 Apr 96 11:29:56 PDT

One thing I hate about the Web is how people I don't know send
me email requesting information they're too lazy to search for
themselves. Anyone have a standard bonehead reply form I can
forward to this loo?

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> Subject: Greetings
> I am taking a course in my school called World Issues, I have an Independent
> Study project and I am doing it on Technology, How it affects the world.
> My thesis is : How does technology affect the human race?
> My themes are : Does Technology advance science or does science advance
> technology?
> Was Technology invented to make life easier or destroy the
> human race?
> It would be greatly apprecaited if you gave me your brief response on these
> questions. It would be futher appreciated if you could also give me a list
> of web addresses or email addresses where I can talk about this subject.
> Thank you for your time and co-operation, your response is greatly appreciated.