Re:A few tidbits from JavaOne

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Sat, 5 Apr 97 16:11:17 PST

MarkB wrote...

> But you've got to start someplace. Beans v1.0 directly attacks ActiveX,
> which is a start.

Wait, I thought Beans v1.0 has a bridge that can work directly with
ActiveX if the developer so desires.

> Beans, the next generation, is in the works. I was
> asked by a research firm hired by Javasoft (Nadel Phalen) to summarize
> my views on where Beans should be going.


> I suggested that they work more closely with Apple in moving the AWT
> to compound docs (Frames/Facets) ala OpenDoc.

Or even better... move to a fully realized component model where any
component can send messages to any other component, in any container,
anywhere... :)

> Now that OpenDoc is toast, it can likely be "cannibalized" (I forget
> who used that term in this context first),

A bunch of cannibals, I'd imagine...

> so that some of the more heavyweight features
> can be toned down for the sake of performance.

See, I read that members of the OpenDoc team were shopping around for a
new home. Maybe they'll end up at Javasoft.

Then maybe Sun will buy apple/NeXT and merge with Digital... forming
SaND, the basis of all Silicon Valley...

\me puts on straitjacket... it fits!

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In other words: there's an Orb-like thingie in just about everything,
supporting a queryable BO that can do meaningful things ?
-- Sandor Spruit

In other words, there's a HTTP server in every device with a processor
and a port which can use PEP and HTML to offer a meaningful, composable
interface to any other HTTP client?
-- Rohit Khare