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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 15:50:30 PDT

On 12 Apr 2000, Karl Anderson wrote:

--]You aren't quite comparing apples & oranges, but the hope is that soon
--]you will be. Opera is a browser. Mozilla wants to be a ubiquituous
--]application platform.

You mean intergrating the browser into other apps and possibly a kernel??
I thought we just outlawed that.

--]I hope that soon the browser will be just a component of this app
--]platform. Every browser today is a too fully featured. It should
--]talk to the cache, proxy, filter, cookie manager, identity manager,
--]history & bookmarks manager, etc, not contain them. The rendering
--]engine itself should be further componentized. There should be no use
--]for a separate text & graphical browser, there should just be
--]different rendering/page navigation frontends on a tiny skeleton of a
--]browser that can be swallowed by the platform at will.

The Lego system of apps and os is somthing I hope becomes more used in
months to come. Sadly the bulk of the sheeple cry for spoon feeding. Take
a look at the uproar over skins of late. An old idea of customizing your
apps looks now is the whine of the masses .

It seems the more things move to become about parts and building the ore
the mass mindset is about a controled pre built experience.

Fortunatley I get get away without having to have my rigs work for the
masses:)- And yes, I was the kid who plastered stickers all over his text

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