Hurricane Cafe in Seattle

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From: Peyman Oreizy (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 01:25:30 PDT

[Looking for a 24-hour dive in Seattle? The Hurricane Cafe on 7th is most
likely it. Only 3 24-hour restaurants in the city and this has to be one of
them? Mini's and 13 Coins are the other two.]

Hurricane Cafe

The Hurricane Cafe took over the infamous Dog House, continuing its
breakfast, lunch and dinner round-the-clock service. But not all remains the
same, except perhaps for the hordes of misdirected, chain-smoking
twentysomethings hogging the duct-taped booths.

Still, fresh paint covers the nicotine-yellowed walls, a jukebox replaces
the piano, and the crabby waitresses have all gone home.

If you venture in, stay on the safe side and order the chicken strips;
they're pre-fab and you will at least get what you expect. (Even typically
safe staples such as mashed potatoes and gravy have arrived with an oddly
metallic flavor.)

For the sheer magnitude alone, it's worth ordering the signature dish is the
Hurricane, an omelet of 25 to 30 eggs (a virtual egg tornado for $25).
Perhaps you'd enjoy a Bloody Mary with that? How about some scotch? No
problem, there's a full bar.

2230 7th Avenue
tel: (206) 623-5750


Wheelchair accessible
Celebrity watch
Full bar
Late-night menu

Free lot

Not accepted

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