Re: Someone please tell me why is worth $40 million in funding?

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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 11:03:05 PDT

Anyone looked at the copyright fine print? Do they also own a right to
reproduce any images (like the Kodak site does)?

That's another revenue model, though not as compelling as the ones


Nicolas Popp wrote:
> They are getting your true personal identity in exchange for free pictures
> development (cannot lie to have your pictures sent to the right address).
> That's very valuable info.
> Once they have nailed your exact consumer profile, they can monetize it
> through highly targeted advertising...
> Also, watching pictures and getting your friend and family to watch your
> pictures online is probably one of these "sticky" activities...
> In other words, it is the same idea as the free ISP stuff. Look at NetZero
> and some of the deals they have closed lately and you'll see why they are
> getting the money...
> -Nico
> ps: as far as the name, who would have thought that Yahoo! would become a
> world renowned brand...
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> >What kind of brand name is Snapfish anyway?
> One of the only domains available that sounded remotely cool? It seems
> most
> .com startups these days base their name on whatever domain they can get
> without shelling out millions. It doesn't seem to matter that it has
> nothing to do with the product.
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