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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 17:27:20 PST


I'm not sure I get it. I wasn't out to say that it was or wasn't P2P,
just wondered what it DID, and I admit, I'm still in the dark. I guess I
have such an irascible net personality that when I ask an innocent
question folks assume I'm being growly...not the intent!

What does this peeriness between the T-shirt and the doorknob
accomplish? Is it badging? Is it "hi mom, I'm home"? Is it
proof-of-concept leading to future proximity apps?

I can see some great proximity apps for a "hi, it's <signature> me"
shirt, though. If the shirt is broadcasting all the time, how does one
control inadvertant proximity effect? If it's not broadcasting all the
time, how does one trigger it to do so? If the shirt only says "hi"
when a local doorknob says "anybody out there?", well, there's some
interesting proximity intercept things that will be entertaining kiddies
in times to come. :-)

Though I will say that's an interesting definition-chunk of P2P, namely
cutting out the "requirements for needing full time internet
connection". "The" internet is merely "an" internet, and requiring
communication on a local bluetooth net is neither more nor less reliable
than requiring communication on a wireless internet-routable network or
a wired lan or a wired internet-routable network.

I'm not sure that I'd agree that any individual or combination of the
factors you cited in support of P2P-ness would really matter except lack
of reliance on proxy (which is what I assume you mean by cut out all the
intermediate steps). Again, you need SOME channel for the peers to
communicate, it's just irrelevant if its "the" internet or "an"
internet/lan. Beaming is P2P, and relies on an "internet" or "network"
composed of a known protocol and self-scanning of my own IrDa port.

If the t-shirt is supposed to open the electronic lock in the doorknob
for you, and either your shirt or the doorknob is "down", you're still
going to be knocking and yelling to be let in. So you still need a comm
path, call it what you like, between peers. I'd watch out for having
"the internet" be mentioned in any part of that, as it's not really


> [...]
> It's peer to peer as you've cut out all the intermediate
> steps, the requirements for needing full time internet connections
> just to make something happen, and all the security and commnication
> you need is local. If that's not p2p, I don't know what is.
> Greg
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