Re: P2Piss off, pal.

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Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 18:04:05 PDT

> Re: silly's continuing desire to dose people involutarily - I'll just
> include a link to the last time we roasted this on Fork. :)

Actually, I wasn't desiring to dose people involuntarily. I'd make sure
to put up a big sign that said "CAUTION! ELECTRICITY!" near the punch
bowl. (: And, as it happened last time, what I said has been
misinterpretted by frightened<?> people. Last time I mentioned it, I
didn't advocate it. I just mentioned it. Tilt! You're roasting an
imaginary feast.

> Re: evolution in action. Feel free to try. I'm with Eugene and tom and
> company. It would be just as welcome as acid in my diet coke.

Try what? (:


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