Re: [CNN] Bush 2,909,465; Gore 2,907,722.

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From: Robert S. Thau (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 10:46:59 PPET

Kent Spaulding writes:
> According to a source on the radio (NPR?) yesterday morning (who
> was admittedly pro-Bush), that county had a spike in votes for
> Buchanan during the 88 election as well - he was quite popular in
> that county. So, this guy basically said something like "Let's not
> jump to conclusions - the Buchanan voters who live in West Palm
> Beach may simply have gone out and voted for Pat." His claim was
> that the distribution of Buchanan support in Florida in '88 was
> very similar to the support seem Tuesday.

Buchanan himself disagrees strongly, according to Reuters:

  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan said on
  Thursday he believed most of the 3,407 votes he got in a Florida
  county belonged to Vice President Al Gore and that people had voted
  for him by mistake.

Who was that "source on the radio"?


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