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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 12:46:19 PST

I got this from you:
> Here's my 100 yard dash through this minefield . . .
> > A politically active friend of mine told me( he's Chinese),
> > that there is a deliberate policy amongst some asians of voting
> > 50-50, (not sure how, maybe a family deliberately split votes?)
> > so that whoever comes to power will not back legislation against
> > the minority.
> There's nothing, whatsoever, to back this. Now, this is not to say that a
Entirely true..its just what he said...
> coalition, say the Asians for the Democratic Way (made-up), can't play both
> sides. But this has more to do with campaign finance. It's no secret that
> major corps. - like MS - do this all the time and for the reason you state.
> > I have this gut feeling (based only on conversations with people of
> > Chinese and Indian origins) that one may find the
> > following amongst asians..just immigrated and first generation immigrants
> > are more likely to vote democratic than second and further generations.
> Again, pocketbook/portfolio is a major issue - see Jeff Bone's post
I think its more than that. Getting a green card can be a fairly stressful
process for a new arrival to the country, and reps *seem* to make more
anti-immigration statements than dems...foe example, I'v heard more than
one person of Indian origin who got their citizenship in the last 30 years
say to people who are naturalizing.."kiddo, if you want to get citizenship,
better vote dem".

Dosent mean nothing..I'm not convinced that the record displays that dems
are better for immigrants than reps, but as in everything, its the
perception that counts...

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