"New Age Racists"? (was Re: leftist bullies)

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From: Matt Jensen (mattj@newsblip.com)
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 12:49:32 PST

Lim Say Boon's article says that the "New Age Racist", "designer grunge"
protesters last year wanted to keep Third World workers down. However:

1. While some protesters were principally concerned with keeping U.S.
incomes high, some others were principally concerned with raising Third
World incomes to prevent a race to the bottom. The first group tended to
be old school labor unions. The second group tended to be more progressive
unions and peace/justice groups. But in both cases, the groups were
pushing for minimum living wage standards for trading partners. Exactly
how is that racist again? It's certainly not racist on its face. Were
all the protesters in on a conspiracy, or were they just in denial of
their true feelings? These 50,000+ people came to Seattle because they
felt so strongly that Third World workers need to be kept in their place?
Yet they couldn't admit their true feelings to themselves? I think the
author creates, rather than uncovers, an example of "political

2. "Designer grunge?" We haven't seen or heard much grunge here in the
last five or six years :-)

- Matt Jensen

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Zhang, Yangkun wrote:

> Apropos, for an international view on the American left, here's a nice
> article from the South China Morning Post:
> Sunday December 12 1999
> WTO bullies right up Clinton's alley

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