Announcment of Creation:

NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups International (nugi)

August 31st, 1700 hours, GMT

We are please to announce that nugi has reached critical mass and hence now officially exists. The founding member organizations, and their representatives to the nugi Assembly, are:

nugi Assembly:

NUUK, NeXT Users United Kingdom

Malcolm Crawford <>

SCaN, Southern California area NeXTSTEP User Group

Rohit Khare <>

NiNE, (Netherlands)

Dimitri Tischenko <>

VNUS, Vancouver NeXT User Society

Nick Jacquet <>

In addition, the founders have agreed to the following Executive Committee, which will lead nugi until such time as elections are held.

nugi Executive Committee (nEC):

Gerben Wierda <>

Coordinator and Chair of nEC

Ernest Prabhakar <> President

Jackie Mackay <>

Vendor Relations

Joe Barello <>

Special Projects

Darren Smith < >

Consultant from NeXT (non-voting)

Current Projects:

Several projects are already under way, and we are always looking for more ideas and the people to implement them. We have no dues or budget, and no full-time staff, so we need volunteers in order to get anything done. Current plans include:

nugi Web Site: Rohit Khare

UG survery/questionnarie: Jackie MacKay

UG connectivity: Darren and Joe


The membership of nugi is open to any NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Group which has an email list with at least three members. To join, indicate that you agree to the terms of the charter (attached), and submit the email address of a individual to represent you in the nugi Assembly.

For more information, or to join, send mail to ""


Ernest N. Prabhakar

nugi President


Note: This is the official announcement of nugi's existence and organization. It supercedes all previous charters and invitations to join. We apologize for any confusion that may have arisen during our formative process.

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