nügiCoNN'95 Announcement



For Immediate Release

Friday, August 11th

For More Information, Contact:

Rohit Khare

nügi Publicist



Connect with NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Users From Around the World at ObjectWorld and West Coast OpenStep Day

-- nügi Events Free with Advance Registration

CAMBRIDGE, MA -- NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups International (nügi) announces nügiCoNN 95, the Connecting Point at ObjectWorld for NEXTSTEP and OpenStep Users and Developers from around the world. This is part of the User Group program of ObjectWorld San Francisco. ObjectWorld is being held Sunday through Thursday, August 13th-17th, in conjunction with the NeXT-sponsored OpenStep Day on Monday, August 14th. Attendance at nügi events is open to anyone who registers for the ObjectWorld Exhibits Package, which is FREE with advance registration.

nügi was founded during the 1994 NEXTSTEP Expo, and took over responsibility for user groups and user advocacy after NeXT eliminated the position of User Group Coordinator later that year. After NeXT announced that they would only sponsor regional NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Days, nügi began working to find a meeting place for the international community, non-corporate users, and others not targeted by the regional meetings. San Francisco was chosen due to the city's many attractions, the large NEXTSTEP community, and historical associations. ObjectWorld was chosen due to the cooperation of IDG, and because "ObjectWorld attendees, like NEXTSTEP users, are interested in the cutting edge of object technology."

"Many people said it couldn't be done," gloated Dr. Ernie Prabhakar, nügi President, "but we've had truly outstanding support from NeXT and IDG, and have even started receiving donations for the nügi auction. Although we face many challenges, we have many opportunities for individuals to get involved, and make this the best NeXT-related event ever!" There is still a need for BOF leaders, auction assistants, runners, and other coordinators. Contact nügi at "nugi@negen.twi.tudelft.nl" if you would like to be part of Team nügi'95. If you are interested in exhibiting at Expo through NeXT's Partners Pavilion, contact developer_programs@next.com.


Attendance to nügiCoNN, Bonus Sessions, Keynotes, Exhibits, and Special Events is FREE if you register for ObjectWorld in advance (before August 9th), $50 if you register at the door. Registrations for OpenStep Day, Tutorials, or Conference Sessions are available through various packages, ranging from $395 to $1395.

PHONE: US: 1-800-225-4698

Non-US: 1-508-879-6700

Fax: 1-508-872-8237

MAIL: Object World Expositions

111 Speen St.,PO BOX 9107

Framingham MA 01701

EMAIL: Send 'help' or 'list ow' in the body to OMG@OMG.ORG

WEB: "http://www.omg.org" and select "Object World San Francisco"


Special thanks to Denise Schneider of NeXT and Didi Murnane of IDG World Expo for making nügiCoNN'95 a reality, and to Joe Barello and Darren Smith for making nügi what it is today.

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