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CONFERENCE: nügi Expo, August 14th-17th, San Francisco

nügi Announces International NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Conference to be held Aug 14th-17th in San Francisco, in conjunction with West Coast NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Days and ObjectWorld Expo.

For Conference Information Contact:

Rohit Khare

nügi Conference Publicist




PASADENA, CA ­ In response to overwhelming demand for an international forum for users of NeXT technology, NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups International (nügi) has formally declared August 14th through 17th in San Francisco to be ``nügi Expo''. Dedicated to the memory of NEXTWORLD Expo '92, '93 and NEXTSTEP Expo '94, nügi Expo is intended to bring together NEXTSTEP/OpenStep (NS/OS) Developers and Users from around the world to network, brainstorm, and have fun.

nügi Expo is built around four segments. The first is NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Day on August 14th, sponsored by NeXT. The second is ObjectWorld San Francisco on August 15th-17th, sponsored by DCI, which will include a keynote address by Steve Jobs. We will attempt to coordinate the efforts of small vendors who wish to exhibit at ObjectWorld - contact Jackie Mackay to comment on nugi Expo for details.

The third segment is the International Conference on OpenStep and NEXTSTEP (ICoON), sponsored by nügi, which will run concurrently with the other two. It will take the form of three consultations, for Users, Developers, and User Groups. Each consultation will involve structured and free-form discussions about challenges and solutions for surviving in the evolving NS/OS marketplace. The results of these consultations will be presented to NeXT and other OpenStep vendors by the nügi leadership. Some tentative areas of discussion include:

educational, home, and publishing markets; hardware compatibility

Tools, Internet Services, MiscKit, Emacs, Database Access

User Groups:
purposes, membership, resources, networking

These tracks may be broken down further into BOF (Birds-of-a-Feather) sessions, as needed. If you would interested in organizing a BOF in one of these tracks, contact Ernest Prabhakar to comment on nugi BOF.

The final segment is the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Social Event (NOSE). Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to hold the traditional Stone Rave. Instead, we will work with Andy Stone and others to organize a single event combining both a party and the nügi auction. It will take place in a location near the conference center, in a venue that will allow for networking as well as socializing. We are still looking for vendor and user group sponsors for such an event.

Agendas and registration information will be provided at a later date. Most events will be open to anyone, free of charge. We do encourage people to sign up for ObjectWorld to take full advantage of the Expo experience.

Anyone interested in attending or exhibiting is encouraged to review the web pages cited above, or to contact Rohit Khare to comment on nugi Expo? directly. Watch for more details on comp.sys.next.announce and the Web.

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