nügi Charter

Mark I: Ratified August 30th, 1994

Article 1: Mission

Sub 1: NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups

The mission of NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups is to empower their members to leverage NeXT technology to meet their needs. They do this by coordinating efforts and sharing information and resources among members, and with NeXT and other parties.

Sub 2: nügi

NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups International (nügi) is an independent organization whose mission is to increase the effectiveness of individual NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups by channeling information and resources among them.

Article 2: Organization

Sub 1: nügi Executive Committee

All decisions about actions performed on behalf of nügi are made by the nügi Executive Committee (nEC). The nügi Executive Committee consists of:

- a Coordinator

- a NeXT relations manager

- at least, two other members

The nügi Executive Committee decides on it's own mode of operation. In the case that consensus cannot be reached it will decide on the basis of simple majority voting through e-mail with 2 weeks for the vote to complete after a Call For Votes. If a stalemate occurs, then the vote of the coordinator decides. If the coordinator has abstained the proposal is assumed to have been defeated.

The nügi Executive Committee is obliged to inform the nügi Assembly and nügi members of their activities.

Sub 2: nügi Assembly

The nügi Assembly consists of representatives of all members of nügi. All members must designate one representative. See Article 3: nügi members. The nügi Assembly has the power to:

a. Change this nügi Charter. Decisions on the charter are made with a 2/3 majority.

b. Appoint the members of the nügi Executive Committee. Votes on the membership of the nügi Executive Committee are made with a simple majority.

c. Accept new members or remove existing ones. Votes on membership are taken with a 2/3 majority.

Sub 3: nügi Assembly voting

Each representative that is a member of nügi Assembly has one vote. All votes are cast through e-mail. Official proposals for nügi Assembly require at least 2 weeks of discussion, preceded by a Request For Discussion (RFD), and at least 2 weeks for voting, preceded by a Call For Votes (CFV). The RFD and the CFV are issued by the person who has submitted the proposal.

Proposals to the nügi Assembly may be made by members of nügi Assembly (the representatives) or the nügi Executive Committee.

Article 3: nügi members

Sub 1: Restricted membership

Membership of nügi is restricted to NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups. To be a member, a user group should have at least 3 members, plus an internet e-mail address of both the representative and the group itself.

Sub 2: Obligations

nügi members are obliged to honor all arrangements made by the nügi Executive Committee on their behalf.

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