What is nügi?

NeXTSTEP/OpenStep USER GROUPS INTERNATIONAL (nügi) is an independent organization whose mission is to increase the effectiveness of individual NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups by channeling information and resources among groups. It was founded in August, 1994,and formally announced in October of 1994. nügi consists of an Assembly of representatives from the constituent user groups, and is run by an appointed Executive Commitee. See the Charter for more details.

How do I join?

Membership in nügi is open to all NeXTSTEP and OpenStep user groups. Simply answer the following questions and mail them in to the nügi Coordinator.

1) Have you read, and do you agree to,the nügi Charter?

(Note that the Charter can only be modified by vote of the Assembly. To join, you must agree to the current charter. After that, you are welcome to propose changes, if you so desire.)

2) What is the name & email address of your representative to the nügi Assembly? Is it NeXTMail?

3) What is the email address for your group, or a leader of the group? Is it NeXTMail?

Replies should be sent to the coordinator at nugi-coordinator@negen.twi.tudelft.nl.

What does nugi do?

nügi is a young group, and we are still "finding ourselves." However, we would like to - with your help - become the definitive voice for the NeXTSTEP user community. We hope to provide a variety of services to user groups, including Special Interest Groups (SIGS), negotiating user group discounts, providing information via a web site, providing mutual technical support, and much more. This web contains a current list of projects and resources.

Amazingly enough, I have a question not answered on this web...

... so send mail to the ever-eager nügi President:nugi@negen.twi.tudelft.nl

This web page is still under construction, so please be patient if the information isn't there, or changes location. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Mail them to the nügi webmaster:khare@w3.org

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